When Diane Falcone's strict father forbade her to sing, she did what any strong-willed, creatively inclined woman would do: She left home to pursue a career as a an artist and songwriter.

With unwavering perseverance and commitment to her craft, Falcone has forged a reputable career in both the Boston and Nashville music communities, formed her own record label (Passion Flower Records) and most recently, completed her full-length debut, Release, issued in October 2003 on her own Passion Flower Records.

Noted producer/musician David Henry (Guster, Cowboy Junkies, Josh Rouse) produced the 10-song disc, adding lush overtones to Falcone's infectious pop-rock tunes. "I loved working with David because he had a special ability to understand the vision I had of my music and myself as artist, which allowed for a wonderful creative flow between us in the studio", Falcone says from her Nashville home. "His innovative, experimental style added so much to the music and complimented my vision in a way that I hadn't imagined possible."

Her "vision" of Release includes the radio-ready "Maybe," the sensual ballad "Lost by Love" (co-written by Henry), and the uptempo "Run", a standout with its head-bobbing arrangement and singable lyrics. Falcone's sweet voice and confessional style - which calls to mind Aimee Mann, Sheryl Crow and Sarah McLachlan, among others - take center stage on the disc, backed by Henry's acoustic and electric guitar work and the rock-solid backbeats of powerhouse drummers Trey Gray (Faith Hill, Jewel) and Craig Wright (Steve Earle).

On the poignant "Silence", however, Falcone uses only her voice and a vintage National Triolan resonator guitar to convey a powerful message of unspoken desires. "The song itself seems appropriate for these times, because it's about standing up for what you believe in, breaking the silence and speaking the truth in relationships and in life, despite others' desires to stay in denial and pretend their life away", Falcone says. "Recording this song with just one instrument underlines the 'silence' aspect of the song for me."

The tangled web of relationships weaves its way throughout her music. With its upbeat melodies and a memorable chorus, "Maybe" could easily end up on a film or television soundtrack. The introspective lyrics, however, go far deeper than your average commercial hit. "I wrote this song to release some sadness and anger about past love relationships", she says honestly. "I was hopeful that the other person would nurture, support and nourish, as I had done. But they ended up being closed off, and as a result, it's like the lyrics say, 'a promise in the desert/Is the gift that you would bring me'."

Falcone's music career, on the other hand, has brought her many gifts over the last several years. The blossoming singer-songwriter developed an estimable career in her native Boston, Mass. She sang the national anthem for the New England Patriots, the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Celtics, and performed throughout the area's fertile club circuit. Producer Stuart Kimball (Peter Wolf, Long Line) caught wind of Falcone's talents, and agreed to produce a four-song EP, which she released on her own label, Passion Flower Records. Not long after, her single, "All At Once", began receiving airplay on radio stations throughout New England.

Aiming to take her career one step further, Falcone packed her belongings, said goodbye to her friends and family and moved to Nashville, Tenn., home to some of the world's finest songwriters. Upon her arrival in 2000, Falcone signed a licensing deal with Oxygen TV cable network for many of her songs, and became a frequent performer at local clubs and writer's nights. She recently showcased at the nationally recognized "Chick Singer Night" and has played the 2NMC music conference for two consecutive years.

With her full-length debut complete, Falcone will continue to perform throughout the southeast and New England. She is also shopping her songs to other artists, hoping to place her well-crafted material in the hands of established acts.